No longer working after 4.4.1 update ***FRUSTRATED

Since updating to 4.4.1 off the App Store, I can no longer play or see any of my files.

My iPad mini and iPhone are running iOS 10.3.1 and prior to the May 1st 2017 update everything was operating fine.  When I open the app connect to my devices and go to view files it takes me to a file looks like a hard drive.  This file has the name like this sandisk (16GB).lnk and it gives me a UNSUPPORTED FILE FORMAT.  However, when I plug into my macbook and double click on that file it displays all my folders inside.  I have uninstalled, restarted my devices but to only receive the same message when attempting to open my files.  I am getting frustrated and really enjoyed my iXpand prior to the update.  If anyone knows how I can make it work or the developers reading this can fix the problem that would be great.

you are getting unsupported format because a .lnk file is not a supported file format so the iXpand drive app does not know how to open it. I am curious though how did this file get created? a .lnk file is a link file which typically is used like a shortcut to open a file or location when it is actually stored in a different location. the iXpand drive app should not have been able to create this file so it must have happened somewhere else. 

If the .lnk file is pointing to the data when you use it on your computer I would suggest connecting the drive to the computer backup all the data then erase, format, or delete the .lnk file from the iXpand drive . If formatting use FAT32 or exFAT as the file system. Once that is done copy the data back to the drive. Do not copy any .lnk files to the drive. Once all the data is on the drive retry it with the iXpand drive app and you should be able to see the data.