No Internet connection with my phone's G3 when Media Player is connected!

This is for me a deal breaker, I’m afraid. But, it seems that when I connect my Android HTC One X phone to the Media Player the only option for connecting to the Internet I have is via the WiFi on the Media Player. It does not have an option to connect using my phone’s G3 network. If I am not in a public venue with WiFi Internet or at home where I have a WiFi Internet connection, then I have no Internet connection for email, Internet, or social media. I cannot connect using my phone’s G3 network.

I really do not want the Media Player to interfer with my Internet connection via the phone’s G3. I just want the Media Player to…play media. Period. Give me an additional WiFi connection for that and leave the Internet alone.

This is correct, if you are connected via wifi to the media drive 3G internet will not be available.