No Folders in my Clip Zip

With Windows Explorer, the only file shown on my Clip Zip is “Devicon.fil”. What happened to the folders to which I can add music? Is there a way to reformat the Clip Zip so I have the necessary folders?

When I power up the Clip Zip I can switch between the various choices (Radio, Sport, Music, etc) but I can’t add any tunes via drag and drop.

What is the USB Setting, under the player’s Settings options, set to? You might try switching it to MSC mode if set to Auto or MTP mode right now, or MTP mode if set to MSC mode. The trick with the USB mode is, your computer only sees the files that were transferred to the player under the USB mode that the player then is connected to the computer under. The reason why it can be best to leave the USB mode set to either MSC or MTP all the time and consistently (and to avoid the USB Auto setting, which will try to connect under MTP mode but then default to MSC mode, if needed).