No files

I had connected it to PC and somehow deleted all files from flash. I can connect it to ihone and Ipad but now there less files and PC software does not recognize it. Show information - xpand drive not detected…

please suggestions?

your questions is a little confusing. Are you saying the iXpad is not detected by your computer? What operating system are you using? Have you checked device manager/ disk management for PC or System information for mac? Have you tried it on any other computers? If so do you have the same issue on all computers?

PC detect it. But not the firmware udater.


I use windows 7 operating system

you are using the FW upgrade tool for the iXpand USB 2.0. From your app you have the IXpand USB 3.0 so it uses a different Firmware update tool.

Here is the iXpand USB 3.0 firmware update tool 

Thanks I get it and already try it - work fine.

Actually is it necessary these files which were located on this flash before I deleted all of them?

No they are not needed. If you choose to lock (encrypt) a file you will need the secureaccess software to view that file on a PC but you can get secureaccess at anytime from the sandisk knowledgebase.