No crop option?

In Sansa media converter when I select a photo for editing there is no crop button, only rotate left and right?

For photos, use any photo editing software, not SMC. The Fuze plays regular JPG files as long as they are small enough. I use the software that came with my Canon camera to make copies of my photos that are around 600x450 to put on my Fuze. This works well. Others may use an even smaller size to save space on the player, as long as the size is equal to or larger than the Fuze’s screen, which is 220x176.

Thanks, for the input.  I was just curious because Sansa says there is a crop option button in media converter.

The newest version of the SMC removed the ‘crop’ feature. A handy little tool; I don’t know why it was eliminated from the previous version.

Yeah, “New and Improved”  SMC has no “crop”.

This sort of thing puzzles me.  Highly useful and very simple tool found on virtually every piece of softare that has anything to do with photo editing.  But they eliminated it.

I did get crashes once in a while during a crop operation on the old SMC.  Maybe there were some glitches and they just took the easy way out instead of really fixing it.

Who knows.