No cellular network connection when connected to SanDisk Connect Wireless Flash Drive

Is it only me or it is designed to function without any Cellular Network Connection? I have this 32GB Flash drive version and iPhone 5s on iOS 7 with Verizon NW. Every time I turn ON WiFi connections and when Sandisk Wireless Flash is ON it connects to it and all my Cellular Network is disconnected. I have turned ON Internet Connection, but asks me for additional WiFi Connection - which is not available at work place. At home, I have no issue as I have WiFi enabled for Internet.

The firmware version for 32GB is current as I checked it. 

So this has been a limitation of this device at present unless I find alternative ways. The only place this sort helped me was in AirTravel, but because it is connected to this device - I have to remember to disconnect to get Cellular NW connection back(at airports or outside).

Anyone knows any alternatives to have both WiFi and Cellular NW connection active at the same time? Thanks.

The last update FW update which is only currently available for the 64GB version added a cellular coexisting option for iOS 7 only. This allows the WiFi connection while maintaining the cellular connection. The release notes state this feature is coming to the 16 and 32GB version soon.