no "browser" option for selecting music w/ Sansa Fuze?

my iRiver h10 was dying so I searched the web and found out that the sansa fuze was the latest and greatest.  I wanted anything but an iPod.  When i just got mine in the mail yesterday i come to find out that the main menu when selecting music has the same setup as an ipod where you have to search by Artist, Album, Genre, etc…

on my iRiver i had a “browser” option after (Music, photos, audiobooks, etc.) that let me go into the drive on the unit just as if they were folders on my PC.  So i could just select “Music” and then go to whatever album i wanted in the way i set them up.

I dont want to have to go through all my music and try to figure out if i’ve labeled songs under “Smashing Pumpkins” or “THE Smashing Pumpkins”.

has this been fixed or updated in a firmware or is there a firmware i can download that has this feature?  or is it built into this mp3 player and i just cant figure out how to access it?  

thanks for your help.

sorry for being the new guy for the day if this has been posted (i couldnt find it)

update the firmware, folder navigation was added in the last update

whoo hoo! thanks, you guys are great!