No Auto Album Advance??

   I think it’s kind of rediculous that the album folders don’t auto advance when album is done.

If I go all the way to the middle of my music library and play an album, it will just keep repeating and 

if I hit play all (the 1st play all menu option) It will start from 1st album in library.(allways the  same one.)

I bought this for bike riding and I don’t want to stop every time an album is over and pick a new one.

Is there a work around? Or Is it that nobody listens to whole albums anymore and just shuffles thier music?

This may be a deal breaker for me.

A work-around is, you easily can create a Go-List choosing the albums you want to listen to, choosing album-by-album.  A very nice feature.

Having said that, I miss an auto-album/folder advance with the original firmware (the next best thing to a shuffling of albums for play).  Note that, if you would like to go there, the alternate Rockbox firmware (available via has an auto-folder advance feature.  

Thank you for the reply. 

How do I add whole albums / folders to goto list?


Miikerman is right, I had forgotten about the  Album feature of the GoList’

To add a  song to the GoList, there are two methods. You can add the song currently playing to the list by holding the center “select” button briefly, until the Added To GoList message appears. If you navigate to Music > Songs, you can do the same thing, but you have the advantage of access to all of your music.

Hold the center button to ADD tracks to the list. If you change your mind, and don’t really want that last Bee Gees song on your list, simply hold the center button again, and it will Remove the track from the list.

Now for the sneaky part. Go to Music > Albums. You can add entire albums to the list in the same way.

To play the list, go to Music > Playlists > GoList.

Note, you can clear the entire list bu navigating to the current GoList, and scroll down to  Clear GoList.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

You can also “add artist” in the same manner…loading everything from one artist into the Go List…assuming it fits. :wink:

o0(I’m surprised I still remember that after all this time…)

    That helps alot. I knew I could make a playlist from the Window Media Player, But I wanted to make one 

on the fly and now I can.  (I still think they should add a folder / album advance).

Thanks Guys !

In one sense, as long as you don’t mind the time that this takes, this is even better than auto folder advance, where you are stuck with the particular albums in a particular order.  

  Is there a way to delete entire golist, instead of just one song at a time?