No Album Name and No Playlist Options!?

I have over 3,000 songs (using sd card) and I have alot of albums and I need to see the name of the album but the player won’t display it. If I check the track info the album name is consider too long and would not scroll to show it. I can’t possible change all the file names of each song to make it visible the album names are only 10 letter characters long.

I then downloaded rockbox to fix this problem, but rockbox won’t allow me to check songs by artists or genre, only by folder.

What are my options here, do I need a new mp3 player?

Use MP3Tag to check and if  needed update the Album name. Also ensure that the correct album name is in the “Album:” field in Mp3Tag. With the MP3Tag software you can mass rename file tags.

On the Rockbox issue, I believe have to build the database first before it will display tracks by artist or genre. If the database hasn’t been built, select Database from the main menu and then hit the center button to begin the database build, it may take several minutes for the firmware to build the database. The other way to build the database is to select Settings -> General Settings -> Database -> Initialize Now. Once the Database has been built you can then select Database from the main menu to view the files by Artist, Album Artist, Album, Genre, Composer, Track, and host of other ways.

I tried the Rockbox issue solution and it worked Thank you so much, I really appreciate it.

Spoke too soon. I realized when I try to play all tracks it only plays 1,000. It also always keeps updating the database if I choose to select tracks by album, artist etc. This screen stays and never goes away unless I shut it off…

You may want to use an MP3 tagger program like MP3Tag to view the MP3 file tags to ensure there are no errors or erroneous characters used in the file tags which may cause Rockbox database generation issues or playback problems.

You may want to post your problem over on You can also try posting to ( as well to see if anyone there has experienced your issue.

On a side note. On my Clip+, with a 16GB microSD card that was loaded with 5,000+ files, I ran into the 8,000 Sansa firmware file limit. I had files that could not be seen, viewed, or played with the Sansa firmware. Turns out the file tags can influence that 8,000 file limit so less files are accessable to the Clip+. So I went to using Rockbox which introduced it’s own issue with the number of files I have on my Clip+. The following link to the Rockbox forum’s details my experience with the Clip+ with microSD card and Rockbox firmware.,33508.msg194882.html#msg194882