Nikon D3200 compatability

I am trying to use a 32GB Ultra card or a 16GB Ultra Plus in my Nikon D3200 camera. When I insert the card I get an hour glass in my LCD screen and the camera will not work. It’s like it does not recognize the card. If I use a basic 4GB card it does work, but takes too long to store the photos. Any suggestions? I have formatted the card in the camera and tried resetting the camera to factory settings with no luck.


Maybe its a firmware issue of the camera? did you check if you have the latest firmware installed on the camera? and if none of the cards work then it seems a camera issue and not card issue.

Following are some quick ideas from Nikon D3200 Manual that will help you:

  • Make sure the specification of memory card that you are using should be compatible with Nikon d3200. 
  • Try to change battery of camera.
  • Check the lock on card.
  • Also try to blow dust out of the card holder
  • Reset the camera.