Nice JVC Headphones (IEM)

I thought it time to try another JVC product, after favorable feedback about the Air Cushions model.

These past few days, I’ve been listening to a pair ofXtreme Xplosives phones. Hey, anything with such a funny name is worth a shot, right? I mean, Dude! They’re Xtreme , right?

They are big units, replete with a bright red cable that resembles explosive det cord doesn’t it? The cable is very pliable, like test instrument cable; I hope it stays that way. The included case is badged with big X’s on the top of the clamshell case.

Note the offset ear tips. They fit in my huge ears pretty well, and can be worn with the cables looped over the ear, or straight. Out of the box, they sounded very bright, with a very forward upper midrange “hump”, but after running them for a few days, they’ve chilled out nicely. Nice enough to sound good even with the EQ disabled, in fact.

For the “bass heads” out there, they won’t disappoint. I was curious how that would work out, as the driver housing is big enough to hide a pistachio. Well, at least a pea or two… The bass is solid and doesn’t overpower.

Not bad for under $20.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

Wow, those ARE big honkers huh? I would think given their name, they ought to have plenty of [thump-thump] bass. And the red det cord is cool, although a bit flashy for me.

Also nice to see is an included carrying case. So many earphones don’t come with one and the cord gets wrapped around the player or wadded into a ball and stuffed into a pocket when not in use, resulting in broken wires and good earphones getting destroyed and thrown away just when the owner gets them broken in right.

I see they come with a straight plug though. A 90° right-angle plug is much better for the life of both the player and phone. A good majority of phones come with angled plugs these days; too bad these don’t.

They’ll probably settle in and sound even better after a little more time. :smiley:

This looks very nice. Looks bulky but any reviews on the sound so far?

Now that I have a few weeks of operation on them, I’ve noticed a few pleasant developments. The bass has mellowed nicely, and is warm. It’sgiven a new dimension to many favorites, hearing a bit more bass detail.

The brilliant upper midrange has tamed down well, and overall sound is more natural.

The most surprising change is that I’ve had to reduce the volume a little bit, as the overall sensitivity has increased as they wear in. It’s different to see the volume bar at its midpoint on the Clip Zip, and have plenty of volume.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: