Nice Clip leather case, by i-nique

I recently received and wanted to recommend a nice leather case for the Clip, put out by i-nique out of the UK (also with a U.S. subsidiary of some type).  As you know, there are limited Clip case options out there.

It’s available directly from i-nique as well as through Amazon.con, and I’ve also seen it on  For the U.S., I found the best deal through, in light of shipping costs and policies.  Available in black and pink (! – too bad Valentine’s Day has passed) leather, with a clear vinyl front.

At $25 plus $4 s/h through, not inexpensive (especially given the tiny size of the Clip).  Not “the” perfect case (the top of the Clip is left exposed, but I can understand the tight engineering issues there), but nice quality, and the company ships quickly and provides good and considerate customer service (as well as a lifetime warranty).  The case sets off the attractiveness of the Clip well, in a Coach leather accessory sort of way. 

In the end, a nice gift for someone (or even yourself).  Definitely 4 stars.