NEXT improvement

hi all,

i got few ideas for the next firmaware, altough wat in the latest firmware is good but next improvement will be better right? :slight_smile:

1. Put a volume limiter, why? becos for user dat using an Noise isolation or noise cancelling ear/headphones the sound volume is too BIG :), maybe put it on the setting will be ok.

2. Put an options to view information of mp3 file.

3. Put an icon at the now playing display to tell user that the currently play song is already put at On The Go Playlist.

4. Make SLEEP MODE ALWAYS on, so user dont have to turn n set the sleep time each time player is turn on after turn off :frowning: this is vvery important.

5. Auto shut off player after recharge or connected to USB port. cos at mine (1.0.18) always turned on automatically :frowning: and this is very annoying for me.

6. Put the Visualizer always on :slight_smile: even after lock the button, why?becos this is the coolest thing from one of the cheapest player on the market nowadays :),

thats all, i hope the dev team can make it on the update of FW :slight_smile:

please include some grammer lessons and spell check, also