Newly created playlist not showing up?

I’m frigging sick and tired of this crud player of mine suddenly NOT recognizing things. Now it won’t even recognize the playlist I just made! Oh, the songs are on the player, but the playlist isn’t there, yet it IS in the player itself! What the heck? I selected the songs, I used “Create Playlist” which has ALWAYS worked, and NOTHING. First it stopped recognizing m4a format files (which made me have to reset EVERYTHING), now this? I’d like for there to NOT be some ninja nerf update on this thing…

The Fuze has never supported .m4a files. Only the newest model, the Clip Zip recognizes and plays this format and is iffy at best.

To help with your playlist issue, we need to know more about how you are creating the playlist itself. Are you using WMP, Windows Explorer or another program/method? What format is it, .pla or .m3u? Are you placing the playlist file in the Playlists folder or the Music folder? Are you populating the playlist from files on the player, or on your computer? Are the files you are populating the playlist with supported file types? If you’re gettig the <empty> response when trying to access the playlist on the player, this usually means the path is not correct and the player cannot find the playlist.

Give us some more info, and we’ll try to help.