Newbie needs help!

I just got the initial charge on my Fuze. I am now trying to get the firmware updater. It tells me that before I can do the updater I need to go to menu, settings, USB, then MSC…and then I can continue with the updater. My problem is that I cannot get a menu and nothing comes up but the pictures of the headphones, tape, camera, and the word ‘music’ with some integrated music showing up. How do I get a menu where I can go to settings, info/system info, ect? I will say that this Fuze is not easy for a newbie. Thanks! Judy

The SETTINGS menu is on the main screen. Use the scroll wheel to go through them. If you turn the wheel clock-wise the options will be:

  • MUSIC (Headphone icon)
  • SETTINGS (Equalizer sliders icon)
  • VOICE (Microphone icon)
  • FM RADIO (Boom-box icon)
  • PHOTOS (Camera icon)
  • VIDEOS (Tape & Reel icon)

Once the SETTINGS is on the screen, press the center button in the middle of the scroll wheel. You’ll then see a menu ‘listing’ starting with Music Options.

Use the scroll wheel again and turn the wheel clock-wise to move the ‘highlight’ cursor bar down through the list until you come to SYSTEM SETTINGS. Press the center button again.

You’ll get yet another listing. Scroll down again untill you come to USB MODE. Press the center button yet again to select this and then choose MSC MODE.

By the way, you really don’t need the Updater. Just follow the instructions in the post with the firmware update & do it manually. By getting as far as you have, you’ll already half-way there. :wink:

Thanks so much, Tapeworm!!! I got your directions perfectly and now I will download the firmware tomorrow. I’m not quite sure which one to use but I will give it a try anyway. ? It is much appreciated. Judy

Push the button on the upper right (what would be the 2 on a watch face). The list with Music, etc. is the menu. Turn the wheel and you should see Settings next after Music. Press the center button, spin the wheel to find System Settings, press the center button and spin the wheel to scroll down to USB mode.

Judy -

You might be on the cusp. In other words, I think you just got your unit a week or two ago, didn’t you? Right at the time when the Rev. 2 units started showing up.

While you’re in the SYSTEM SETTINGS menu, find INFO (just above USB Mode) and check the top line for the firmware version. If it’s 01.–.-- use the 01.01.22 firmware. If it’s 02.–.--, use the 02.01.17 update.

Piece of cake. :smiley: