Newbie here..memory card question

Weird question, but here it is.  Will it harm the card or the device if it is left in the slot overnight or for an extended period of time (never more than a few days at most)?  Thanks in advance!

Not weird at all, in fact it’s a worth-while question.

No, it will not harm either the player or the card; in fact it could prove beneficial to leave it in, especially in a dusty environment to keep the innards clean. An empty slot is an open door for dust, as is the USB port on the bottom. One can put a piece of tape over this, but constant removal & re-application will create a sticky residue build-up that is not desirable either.

I have 5 players and most of them have a card in the slot at all times with no ill effects yet. :wink:

Thanks!  I’m glad one of my bad habits turned out to be a good one. :wink: