Newbie basic questions

Just recieved a Sensa Ckip+ 2GB and have a few basic questions:

  1. Is installing the CD-ROM drive contents mandatory if I simply want to add my own songs stored on my pc to Internal Memory’s Music. Am I missing needed features if I do not 

  2. I do not care to create playlists with my version of Windows Media Player 11. Is it acceptable to simply drag and drop song files from my pc hard drive music folder directly to the sansa Clip + device?

I tried doing this and selected songs from a music file folder I had created in the past and it appears that draging and droping the songs directly into the device is working - do you see any problem with this method?

Any other tips, suggestions or heads up for a newbie climbing the learning curve would be appreciated.


1.) No, And no.

2.) Yes. And no.

1.) No. And no.

2.) Yes. And no.

I assume the disk is for the Rhapsody music subscription service–typically free the first month, then a monthly charge.  The software is needed only if you want the service–I don’t use it but many like it even with the monthly charge.

Enjoy the player!


Thank you for the response and input.


Yes the disk came with the product and apparently is an invitation to subscribe to Rhapsody - which does not interest me.

Thanks for the response,