New Year bug?

At 11:59pm on new years eve my new fuze froze and it wouldnt shut off.  the next morning i was able to turn it on but the songs are skipping, not playing at all just going to the next and next till it gets to the end of the list.  I have tried resetting the original factory settings, that did nothing… also when i connect it now to the computer it doesnt show any song in the file, but i see them on the mp3 player… the radio works fine… HELP PLEASE

Not a new years bug but rather several common issues that are all happening for you at the same time.

To fix the skipping Try to unplu you headphones and plug them back in be aware that the fuze has a tight headphone jack so use some force and make sure it is all the way in (mine clicks into place 3 times.) 

To fix the skipping of tracks there are several options. The best bet is to delete the tracks and Then Resync them To do this you have to dfix your third issue. 

The computer cant see anything becase it was added in a different USB Mode. Go to the settings on your fuze then go to system settings and then USB Mode. Try the different options until you can see the files on your computer (Unfortuantly you have to plug the fuze in to the computer then check and if it doesnt work then you have to unplug and changes the mode and repeat the whole process) 

Once your pc sees your files delete them and re add them this should fix it all. 

Try a reboot by pushing the on switch up (The position where you turn it on) and hold it for 15-20 seconds.

Or to save a little time deleting all the files, just use the on-board FORMAT function in SETTINGS > SYSTEMS SETTINGS. This deletes all in one fell swoop.

I knew I forgot something, Nice catch Tape!