New vs Old style Sansa Fuze

I have had several of the ‘old style’ Sansa Fuzes…they are great.  Why did you change the way they are made?  I’ve had two of the new ones and they die so fast.  They are not nearly as well made.  

Any chance you will go back to the old style?  They are getting harder and harder to purchase.  I tried contacting Sandisk to make this comment (hopefully to someone who cared) and they told me to post here.  

Dilly Dally

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The Fuze is no longer manufactured at all. Which is a shame, but apparently not reversible. 

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I know!  I got an old Fuze for Christmas 8 years ago, and it broke last week ( haad it in my bacckpack, which apparently isnt a great idea, for future reference).  I’m really upset about it!  I was looking at new MP3s from Sansa and Apple, but I just can’t find anything that’s simple (not like a robot that has everything you can imagine on it… I can’t work those for my life!) and has a good capacity.  I really wish they would bring the old ones back!!!

@ryannmarie wrote:

I know!  I got an old Fuze for Christmas 8 years ago,

That’s interesting . . . since the Fuze was introduced only 5 years ago (early 2008). :wink:

Clearly, the new ones are cheaper to manufacture. But they are inferior in every way imaginable.

Why does a company give up on a runaway success to peddle an abysmal failure, instead? Better they had raised the price than lower the quality.

The Clip+ and a Rockboxed Clip Zip are Sandisk’s best players. They are quite small and quite inexpensive. Imo Sandisk messed up the firmware on the Clip Zip, but installing Rockbox on it solves that problem. it would be nice if Sandisk makes a new player with longer battery life than the Clip+ or Clip Zip, although I wouldn’t want it to be much larger, and I would want a built  in clip.

If Fuze has already been stopped manufacturing. Would support still continue or not at all?