New version

  • model:sansa e260 (4GB)

  • Firmware version: 01.02.18E

  • OS: Windows XP SP2

  • Problem:

I saw, there is a new version (01.02.23E) available for my sansa! So I downloaded and installed “Sansa Firmware Updater” (version: 1.083).

But the program don’t find the new version, although I have switched USB-Mode to “MSC” and also a internet connection is available.
The Updater finds only the following downloads: User Manual and a link to download “Sansa Media Converter”.

How can I get the new version on my sansa device?

There is a sticky availble in Devices : Sansa e200 series  for this update

you dont really need an update. The latest upate does not fix anything that will probably not even effect you. Just some backlight issue on the player itself.