New user with some queries

I have done a search and can’t find anything relevant so apologies if this is in the wrong place.

Just got my Sansa Clip and have a couple of questions:

Transferred all my mp3 music files using the right click "send to " option intending to then move them into the Music folder.  Opening the player in My Computer shows all the folders empty- the music is all there and I can play them, but I can’t find the file with the tracks?  Any ideas?

There are tracks by 5 artists that I have never heard of loaded- where did they come from?  No issues with deleting them?

The headphones don’t work when fully locked into the unit, but work if you pull the unit out slightly- is this normal?

I would also echo the frustration with the screen cover and no note of this or the volume control on the small manual that comes with the unit.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Right- have partially solved some of these:

It appears that Windows Media Player synched with the player on opening and that the contents of the player are the Media Player library ( including the unknown tracks that are samples ) and not my mp3 files.

Have changed the Media Player setings to stop the auto synching and formatted the player to clear the contents so i can start again.

Now that your player is formaated and the memory empty, I would suggest switching the USB Mode (Settings > System Settings) to MSC and merely drag & drop (copy & paste) the files from your computer to the Music folder on the player. Don’t use the Send To option.

The only reason to use MTP Mode (or Auto Defect which defaults to MTP if possible) is if you intend to use DRM-encrypted files like Rhapsody of Audible. Otherwise, MTP is a PITA.

As to the headphones issue, do be sure that the headphones plug is fully plugged in–the fit can be very tight with a new player for the first few insertions, to the degree that one might be concerned about hurting the player in fully inserting the plug initially.

Thanks to both for the replies

I will C and P the mp3 files into the Music folder and have changed the selection in the USB options

I have retried the headphones and as you said, with some considerable pressure, the jack has now gone home- in truth, I probably wouldnt have pushed that hard without this help.

Maybe some details about these points in the quick start guide would be a help?

Screen guard

Volume button

Auto selection of transfer option

Headphone socket

Thanks again

Great to hear–hopefully, now, it’ll be smooth sailing!   :slight_smile:

Another issue with which you might be able to assist :

Connected the Clip to the laptop while it was off then booted it up.  Got a black screen- powered down eventually then rebooted and got the Windows start up repair as Windows wasn’t loading.  It eventually told me it was caused by having an external device like a camera or mp3 player connected causing a conflict and to disconnect, which I did and with a bit of coaxing, it then started fine.  Is this a known issue and is there a way of avoiding it ( apart from the obvious one of not connecting the Clip ) ?

Thanks again

I will get round to enjoying the player eventually!

Boot your computer up first before plugging in your player. Otherwise, when it boots up, it sees a USB drive attached and thinks you want to boot from that. As the player is not a bootable drive, the computer doesn’t know what to do.

Yeah- lesson learned- thanks again