New user- Why is Winamp not reading ratings of Clip playlist?

I’m a new user and am enjoying the Clip. I use current version of Winamp as my media player. I want to use my clip in the following way:

  1. Create playlist/audio in Winamp

  2. Load to clip

  3. Rate songs on clip

  4. Read Clip’s playlist in Winamp with ratings

  5. Sort thru likes/dislikes on Winamp

I have been loading audio files ONE direction- Winamp to Clip only, which is fine, as my playlists are mostly time-shifted internet radio stations that I am not going to keep for more than a week. What I want to do, however, is rate songs on the Clip and see those rated songs to research and/or go buy. For whatever reason, the playlists of the clip are visible in Winamp, but I’m not seeing the ratings. I assmue this is a sync issue…but since Winamp is reading the playlists, I would expect that it would also read the ratings. What gives? I really don’t want to Sync, as much as I simply want to read ratings in a table form on the PC.

TIA- Jeff

i want the same thing as you

winamp only gets ratings through its own media library database although you can find plugins to write them to the tag which is what is ideal.  the clip is supposed to store them in a WMP style file i believe which is supposed to be synced with WMP which would be fine if it worked like it is supposed to.  in wmp you can sort through all the songs and see the individual ratings, sorted by album or whatever (makes it easy to copy them over to winamp), but it just is off on half of the songs.