New User - Memory full but worse

I hooked up my new ClipJam 8MB today (Windows 10 PC) and started MOVING grabbing folders full of songs over. All was going well until I maxed out the memory. Ok. So what does the display say? Connect to the PC and delete files. Ooops! The player will no longer connect to the PC. I’m betting it’s because it doesn’t have enough memory to do so. I tried the registry hack I found on the Sansa website (deleting the related reg keys) and… Nothing. Now what? Is there no way to clear the memory on the player without connecting to my PC?

Hi @SanDiskEJI,

We suggest to please refer below link to delete content on the Sansa player: Deleting content on the Sansa player

Hope it helps!!

Thank you for the suggestion.
This method will not work on my player because:

  1. I cannot play any tunes. When I turn on the player it says I must delete files and turns back off.
  2. I cannot connect to a PC. When I try, it simply does not connect. I think it’s because there’s not enough memory to connect. As I said in my initial post, I have tried all methods to get the PC to recognize the player. It did connect when I had no files on the player, but not now.

Ladies and gentlemen, Sansa tech replied to my situation, and suggested I try a different USB cord. It really bothers me that a cord can just suddenly stop working, but this one did. Different cord - Connected to PC - Delete one file - All is well.
Consider this one closed.

Hi @SanDiskEJI,

Please refer below link to contact proper support team for resolution: Ask a Question

Always best to use the micro usb cable that came with the mp3 player. Most of the usb cables in my house do not include the wires necessary for data communication (only good for charging).