New to the Fuzz

As the heading indicates I am new to the Fuzz and in fact new to using an MP3 player. I have some questions that I hope some one here wil kindly answer.

  1. When I rip a CD using Win Media player and then transfer it to the music directory of the fuzz using a file manager such as Explorer the album shows up in the Album directory when viewed on the player… If I do the same thing using another ripper, CDEX, EAC, etc the music shows up but nothig about it is in the Album directory. I like using the Album option on the fuzz to find complete recordings. Is there a way I can get the Albums to show up?

  2. Is there a way to normalize the track volumes in Win Media when ripping a cd to MP3’s? One of the reasons I like using other rippers is I can normalize tracks especially on classical music when some tracks are cery low.

  3. Is there any real value is using the sync option in WM for transfering music files to the Fuzz?

Thannks for any ideas

  1. Use mp3Tag or some other tag efitor to edit the tags.

  2. Windows Media player has the option of normalizing the audio while ripping.

3)I don’t see any value in syncing the player. I use copy and paste  and MSC mode to paste files to the player.

Tags have to come from somewhere–they are not in the files on the CD. Windows Media gets them online.  According to the CDex site, it also connects to the online database, CDDB. But you may have to do something in Settings or Options or Tools of CDex to actually facilitate the connection. Look through its Help files or Tools/Options/Settings.

@plasticman wrote:

As the heading indicates I am new to the Fuzz . . .

Are you referring to Peach Fuzz?



Or THE Fuzz?

Thanks for “ALL” of the replies. I indeed had to do some set up in CDEX and EAC to get the correct info. on them. Also found StampID3 for when I need to edit tags.