New Sansa Express user with some questions

I just bought my SE today and am trying to get it up and running and have some questions that are possibly stupid. When I first put it in the USB port and ran the instalation of the hardware but was unable to install is sucessfully saying “a service installation section in this INF is Invalid” . Is that just because it’s not charged or did I do something wrong?

Also as far as charging goes… I have it in a front USB port of my desktop right now but no icon is showing up on the player. It’s all dark. Is it supposed to show that it’s charging? It also doesn’t show up as an additional drive on the computer.

The main reason I bought the SE was to use the FM Recorder feature to record the talks of a convention I am going to the next three days. Do I need to download some additional software to use this feature? Also how long are you able to use the feature for taking into account clip length and battery power?

Any answers you could give would be awesome,


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Just wanted to let every one know I found the answer to my first two questions after several hours of updating and downloading new programs and lots of restarting my express is now showing up on my computer and is now charging! Yay!

Any insights into the FM Recording feature would still be appreciated though.

Thanks so much

fm and mic as far as i know can be recorded for the life of the battery or the INTERNAL memory space which ever runs out first but be aware that on mine, if the screen sleeps and you try to wake it after an extended period of time, it seems that it is trying to save the recorded file extremely fast and and comes out as a garbled piece of junk. BE AWARE. oh and it can only save it the internal mem. and no additional software is needed. it sadly saves as a wav file which is extremely big compared to wma or mp3

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