New Sansa E250v2 - Can't Activitate Rhapsody Memebership

I just got a new a Sansa E250v2 and in the booklet it says that it comes with a free 30 day To Go membership, however I cannot seem to activiate it. I created a new account like the booklet said, installed Rhapsody Software, and plugged in the player, but all I have is 25 free plays. No To Go membership. I really want the memebership to test out the service myself to see if I like it.

If the Rhapsody client gives you the “Rhapsody 25” option, you’re not properly logged in.

Are you using the Client downloaded here?  This is the 30-day Free Rhapsody To Go trial.

Or is this the link used?  This is the web version (note the “25” in the upper right).

Finally, here’s the Rhapsody 4 client, if you have an active account.  This is the PC based client, not the web version.  You must be logged in for the To Go option, allowing transfer to an authorized device.  Actually, Rhapsody allows three devices per account.

I would assume that the Sansa-sponsored first link should do the trick.

For account issues, I have found that clicking on Help, then going to the Knowledge Base, then you’ll find the Live Chat option from Real / Rhapsody, under contact.  They should be able to resolve your issue.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

Thanks much, that worked.