New Sansa clip+ but won't work

Just purchased my sansa clip+ through Amazon.  Won’t work.  Won’t charge.  Lights up, but jammed on the screen are the ear phone icon, “Misic” and the battery icon showing 2/3 charged.  I tried resetting for 15, 20, 30 seconds and more than one minute.  Tried attached cord to computer holding various buttons down.  Nothing will take it from that one screen.

Very frustrating.  Help?

It’s the dumbest thing. That’s a protective film over your screen.  Remove it and you’ll see it’s working underneath. I sent one back just weeks ago with the same issue… then found the answer on this forum.  Not noted in any instructions issued by the company.  Dumbest thing ever.  

And there’s a small tab on one side of the protective screen, to help you peel it off.

Same with me.  I didn’t see it in the brief instruction page enclosed in the packaging.  Also purchased mine from Amazon.