New Sandisk Cruiser Glide 128gb flash drive error

New 128 GB flash stops during data transfer with : Data Error (cyclic redundancy check) Transfers some files but not others all files are under 30mb

 flash drive picky about transfering songs but not photos (some pix are over 30mb) Moved flash drive to different usb port, still getting cyclic error, 

format dialog box not listing fat32 or ntfs.

switched to PNY 8GB flashdrive and had no problems tranfering files of any type.


No reply thanks for nothing last product i buy from sandisk

 this is a user forum. waiting a few hours for a reply and then responding like you did is a bit harsh. If you are looking for a direct response from sandisk contact their technical support. 

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1-877-267-8975 (Spanish)

send an email 

Have you tried the drive with any other computer? Do you see similar issues on other computers? if so it is likely a bad drive. Take it to the place of purchase and get it swapped out for a new one would probably be the fastest.