new sandisk clip zip mp3 settings buttons do not work.

Please help!

I just charged up my new sandisk clip zip mp3…    When I press the settings nothing works.  No buttons work.   What is wrong?  Do I need a card?  The computer does accept it though.

I did not use the firmware updater yet

I need someone to show me how this works.  No one else I know has this device.:angry:

First, make sure you have peeled the protective static-cling sticker off of the screen face. If you’re pressing buttons and nothing on the screen moves or changes, chance are you missed this.

Secondly, read the User’s Guide. It explains all about the player and its operation.

EDIT: Never mind. My bad.

THIS was the other post I was referring to.

Thanks for the heads-up, George. :wink:

Your link goes right back to this topic, Tape.