New Reburbished zip clip not reading SD Card

Just picked up a Reburbished zip Clip from the internet. Everything works fine except when I insert my 16gb card from my cell the unit freezes and turns off. I have to hold the Power botton for a while and remove the sd card in order to get it to start again. I previously owned the 8gb clip + and never had any problems.

I would try a different card. Your cell phone may have formatted it in a way (or has certain files on it) that apparently doesn’t agree with your Zip.

You are inserting the card with the Zip OFF, and then turning it on, aren’t you? It’s not a good idea to insert a card with the player already ON.

I will buy a new sd card. Which one are compatible with this unit? I want either r 16gb or 32 gb. The clip + was more flexible in accepting my cell phones sd card.

Any brand (including SanDisk) should work as long as you don’t go over a Class 4. There have been numerous complaints/problems associated with Class 10 cards.

First, though, you might try reformatting your current card, to see if that can fix things. You might try the SD Association’s Formatter tool, which can help.