New Problem: will not record voice

In addition to having the problem described in,  

I found this problem with my Clip Zip.  Note:  I never had this problem with either the original Clip or Clip+.

I wanted to record something in ‘voice’ and the message was ‘Device is full Cannot record.’  Are you kidding me, I have 1/2 of a 16gb card empty.  

The internal memory was full because of the problem sited above (as that is the only place to create playlists) but I had/have 8 gb free on the external card.  What difference should it make as to where the recording is recorded?  The manual talks about recording to the device, not to a specific location on the device.

I don’t want to throw this thing away but that my first impulse.

Is this just my Clip Zip!?  Is there something wrong here, I just don’t get it.


voice recordings only use internal memory. you will need to free up some space on the internal memory if you need to use voice recording. 

That cuts into the only available memory for playlist then.  If you record enough then you have no playlists available theortrically.

The real problem is that to record you have to remove songs, books, etc., just to make room to record.  All the time there is a huge amount of unused memory available.  

None of this would be a problem if playlist were able to be created on external memory also.

None of the Sansa line of mp3 players have ever been able to record directly to a memory card; internal memory only.

And there’s no reason you can’t have playlists from music stored on the card.

And who needs playlists anyways? :stuck_out_tongue: