New MP3 user...questions?


I’m new and need some help.

First Sansa c150 MP3 player we got had problems…PC wouldn’t recognize when USB plugged in; couldn’t download music, just a pain.  SanDisk tech support was a real pleasure; they tried several different things, but finally figure it was defective.  So, I returned it to the place of purchase.


Now, we have the new one…before I do anything…and we only want to download music, no pictures or anything else.  First off, how do I get rid of the ‘pre-recorded’ music that is already on the player?  Next, after plugging into my PC, hopefully the PC will recognize this unit…what’s next?  I’m scared that the same thing is going to happen with this one, as did the previous one. :slight_smile:


As you can tell, I’m new to mp3 players (this is my first) and not real computer knowledgeable, but willing (and wanting) to learn.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.



these how to videos should help