new mac computer, old sansa clip, is there way to sync it with mac?

I have new mac computer, and would like to add the music on my sansaclip to itunes but itunes is not detecting it. it shows up in finders window. where I can eject it.  is there a way to sync it to itunes, so could download the songs on it to transfer to ipod? I am switching over to mac both in computer and ipod. 

I forgot to mention that the music folder,( all folders) are showing up empty in finders window, when I click on the sansa player icon. I do not want to loose the music I have stored on it. so do not want to go through the firmware upgrade yet.  is there anyway to access the music stored on sansa to transfer to my mac computer?

Is your Clip set to the USB mode of MSC? It must be in order to work with your mac. What mode was the player in when you transferred the music to it in the first place? If it was in MTP or Auto mode, your mac (or any computer) won’t be able to see it unless it is in the same mode. And macs don’t recognize MTP mode as it’s a Windows Media thing. Maybe that’s why your Music folder appears empty.

If this is the scenario, you will have to connect to a PC in MTP mode and copy the files back to a PC. Then disconnect, switch to MSC mode and transfer them back to the player. Now you should be able to connect to your mac and copy them over to that from the player, into iTunes.

And FYI, updating the firmware will not erase the music from the player. Only formatting does that.

I changed it to usb mode of msc a couple of days ago, but it was not in that mode when I transferred the music to it, at that time I was using windows computer.  and it was on auto detect setting before I switched the usb settings a few days ago. 

and also regarding updating the firmware I have read numerous posts where people had problems updating the firmware and had to totally reformate their sansa clip loosing everything stored on it, ie erase everything in order to get it work again. so I am leary of updating until I have saved the music on it, as many of the music I downloaded on it   is not replacable, if I erase it. 

You should have at least  two backup copies of your music. One should be on your computer, and at least one should be on removable storage, perhaps DVD disks or an external hard drive or both of these. I keep the backups of my mp3 files even though I also keep the original CDs, as reripping hundreds of CDs takes plenty of time.

@closerwalking wrote:

I changed it to usb mode of msc a couple of days ago, but it was not in that mode when I transferred the music to it, at that time I was using windows computer.  

Well, there you go then. Follow the advice I gave previously and you should be good to go.

 thankyou for the suggestions,  I will follow through on them.   I just found out yesterday that I must move, so have put this on back burner for now. but will keep your suggestions to folllow through with them. thanks again for your time and help. 

You’re one more victim of the Apple-Windows wars. The good thing is that mp3 files do play on every media player.

In your Mac, make sure going forward that if you are importing albums in iTunes, that they are imported in .mp3 rather than Apple formats like .m4a.  Find the importing settings in whatever iTunes version you use.

Once you get the music off the Clip and stored somewhere, go to Settings/System Settings/USB Mode and change it to MSC. Then just copy and paste your music onto the Clip from any computer.

iTunes is basically a sales tool for iPods and iPhones, so it won’t sync to your Clip.

Good old Apple. Doesn’t like to play nicely  with the other children.

thanks for your reply, I still like apple,  I have used apple and windows and both systems have their strenths and weaknesses. Itunes is apple’s weakest link,  i am not fan of itunes, but love most of the rest of apple/mac. windows has it’s weak points too.  rest of mac is so good, that itunes just does not go with the rest of the ox. do not who or what is/was behind the development. but  I agree that is the one app they need to go back to drawing board on.