New ixpand flash drive 3.0 not backing up picture roll on my iPhone 6


tried to back up my picture roll in auto and manually with no joy just but so many files with years on them but no contents. I’ve put music and film on from my computer and they work fine. 

Please help. 


are the files stored locally on the phone or are they on the cloud?

when you open the native camera app and choose Albums, do you see All pictures or Camera roll?

When you try to do a manual backup do you get any errors?

Can you manually transfer any files using the Clop pictures option?

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Thanks I’ll have look. 

It’s says all photos,

Well it doesn’t mater anymore now, the Lightning connector just snapped off ???

In that case you can submit a request for a replacement using the link below. 

Thanks, but the link does not work ???

I think it had an extra space at the end. Try this one