New Ipod Touch Killer (Concept) For Sandisk

So I created a concept on photoshop of a good lookin player for Sandisk that would beat the touch. Now that would be good. This player would be killer. Ohh, and for you rockbox users, Theres a fast enough processor to play GBA roms. Righteous! A Sleep timer and Alarm along with an instant on feature would be added with firmware. Add in a customizable background image along with touch screen for the internet and you’ve got the touch killer, with an Eye!

This was an Email I emailed Sandisk about half a year ago which compelled me to create a concept to allow people to visualize that this could be made.

"Dear Sandisk,

          I’ve been a fan of your mp3 players ever since your first Digital Audio Players and I know where you should go as far as mp3 player capabilities. For your next model Mp3 player, it should be around the SAME SIZE as your e200. It should have all the advantages of the e200. It should have a good quality cell phone camera built in with a faster processor than the e200. Third Party Firmware creators such as Rockbox really wish that the processor was fast enough to handle Game Boy Advance Games because it is only able to handle Game Boy Color Games. While all other brands are leaning towards wi-fi, you should go towards camera and gaming support. This would set you apart from every other brand and give you capabilities that no other company could offer. Apple loses money every time they release a new IPOD and Zune was turned down by the public obviously because the wi-fi wasn’t too big of a selling point. Create your own footsteps. Don’t follow other companies. Especially ones that failed. Whatever you build next, keep it around 2-8G or more because the Memory chip prices are decreasing in both size and price and the memory is only getting bigger. Thanks for reading this. If your a support person, please pass this message on to a department who is able to make a difference within your company. Thank you. "

I want to help Sandisk Succeed against Ipod and other mp3 companies but they didn’t write me back. I hoped that Sandisk might actually read stuff in this forum.

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If any moderators wanna move this to the product feature suggestions, Thats fine. I’m new to these forums and didn’t see that section.

Hello juggleboy711, welcome to the SanDisk Sansa Community.

Nice photoshop job. Very interesting feature set. I’ll move this over to Product Feature Suggestions for you.

lol looks alot like the View… but with a camera. A for effort tho :slight_smile:

um i wish they would have replied they  need to it look great and they really need that cuzi benn lookin all over for it they need to text you bak asap lol

@letrece wrote:

um i wish they would have replied they  need to it look great and they really need that cuzi benn lookin all over for it they need to text you bak asap lol


Did you happen to notice you were replying to a 3 year-old thread? Even if someone could de-cypher what you were trying to say, the entire world has changed in the last 3 years, making the orginal post irrelevant now.

As interesting this concept looks, I don’t think it’ll ever surpass the itouch in sales, because the main selling point of the itouch that it has wifi and millions of apps to choose from. In my secondary school, there are kids walking up and down the hallways just staring at their itouch as they play tap tap, angry birds, post on facebook…ect

hint hint* Sandisk, adding the ability to run apps on a mp3 could be a good plan.