New fuze: WOW!

New 8g silver. 

Sound quality is MUCH improved over the v1 e200 series.

Nice detail, separation and presence. 

This is very enjoyable.

Hey, I also got a new Fuze on wednesday and I just wanna say that I love the sound quality as well:). The clarity, the bass, and all, it is just very good :).
After all this is what earphones are for, having the best and clearest sound :).
Before the Fuze I had the Samsung YPU1 and then the YPU2, both of them have SRS/3D enhanced sound (SQ apart from the 3D comparable to the Fuze), but they didn’t have that much bass and apparently they were just to small to find as I lost both of them somewhere in my flat after several months respectively :D:D.

So kudos for the good SQ, Sandisk. And for letting us use ogg Vorbis and Flac. Next time please implement Ogg Theora as video codec and improve/abolish your SMC :smiley: :wink: :smiley: ;). Other than that, the Fuze is perfect for me :).


I think somebody’s got a ‘smiley’ fetish.