New Fuze seized and failed to work

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Unfortuantely, the new sandisk flash drives wont work as a mass storeage device… Check this out from sandisk tech support:


“Regarding the flash drive that will work on your car stereo. Make sure to purchase a flash drive without the U3 technology. I’ve asked already this question to my Senior Technical Agent. And sandisk already stopped manufacturing those flash drives. Since all of our flash drives already has U3 technology on it.”

sorry but this is absolutely untrue. you can use all sandisk cruzers as normal mass storage devices.

while it is true that u3 may cause issues with host devices such as car stereos there is a quick and simple fix. all you will need to do is remove u3. there is a handy tool on the sandisk website under downloads called the u3 removal tool. once you remove u3 the cruzer will be a normal mass storage device and should work like a charm.

Thats good to know… but no need to apolgize to me… I only reported what SANDISK tech support reported to me, which was do NOT buy a Cruzer drive because it will not be see as a mass storage device… That seems like a rather poor way to sell product, especially when they are wrong. But, too bad for Sandisk; I already caste my duckets toward the purchase of a 4gb Kingston flash drive of the type that ive never had a problem with…  For me, U3 is meaningless at this time, so I dont think theres much point in paying extra for it.

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Wow, finding all kinds of useful tidbits over the weekend!

Boost, there’s a silver lining to the Rhapsody cloud- note the gihugic (I learned that new word over the weekend from my youngest daughter) catalog of Rhapsody tunes, especially the hard to find classic stuff.

Try the 30 day trial (hey, you have a month to see what’s out there, and the tracks don’t turn into a pumpkin until 30 more days pass: it’s 30 days from the subscription end date, the last synchronization).  As long as you subscribe, tracks are about 10 per cent off, with some albums discounted further (check the “album” button over purchase, it sometimes is a great deal).

While on your library building quest, set your preferences for 256KBPS mp3, for some meaty quality tracks.  While collecting, the cost of subscription is tempered by the savings on those downloads, plus you’ve got to try the Channels function on your Fuze.

If you’re building a collection, that’s a possibility.  P2P is replete with its own hazards, ignoring the legal ones, the kids have different tastes than the old man!

Another find I’ve had over the weekend is the new build of Rhapsody, with 64 bit support at long last, for those so inclined.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

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Hi Bob,

Those Rhaposdy channels accessible via the Fuze sound interesting. .But in the end I just dont think I can get used to renting music… Steve Jobs was commenting on this in one of his many video broadcasts I was watching the other day. One of his main points behind the way iTunes works is that, ‘people just want to own their own music’… I dont know, but for me, I cant get used to renting it. IT almost feels like an affront; like this threat is always hanging over me that if I dont pony up with the subscription money each month, there goes my collection. Just like any other lease, or rental… IT doesnt seem to bother some people, but Im afraid I just cant get used to it.  And, its not only that. I mean, after all, if you dont follow the rules, you pay the penalty.  So thats not the biggie. The biggie is, what if I reach a temporary point where I find Im just not downloading like I used to; ie, ive found myself sitting pat with the music I already own and have lost the verve fore the constant quest for new tunes… At that point, most people would want to let their subscription lapse… But, of course, with the way this plan works, you let it lapse, you lose EVERYTHING youve ever acquired via it.  That kind of indentured servitude is what keeps me from being able to get with the program, Im afraid…  For example, a few yrs back, I went on a classical music binge.  I built a CD collection of hundreds of Classical CDs mostly from which I played incessantly and exclusively.  But, as tastes change, I dont think Ive played more than a couple of those cds in the last two years.   But NO Way would I ever want to lose this collection, because, just as likely at some time in the future, Ill want to bring it out of mothballs and revive its appeal for me… Most people’s musical interests ebb and flow.  With the rental paradigm, youve got to keep paying, even though you may not be into your collection for several months, but realize that likely in the future, youll be heavily into it again.  I think paying that rental fee for me, during these down interest months would be a real albatross.  I know many people wouldnt be bothered by this, but clearly, Im not alone in this sentiment.

So, as the alternative, I try and find the least expensive way to own music. Along these lines, check out this website: . I dont know how they do it, but individual tracks are downloadable for 15 cents per track… You can download either songs, or entire albums at this same per track rate. And, you own it. Ive yet to figure out how they do it, but its about the best deal IVe found, and kind of makes renting loose alot of its cost advantage along with its other inherant disadvantages. Check out the site; search for your favorite artists/albums/tracks, and see if theyre there. Despite the affinity between Fuze and Rhapsody, this might be an alternative in case you ever tire of renting.

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 Ive yet to figure out how they do it

Maybe by not paying anybody but themselves?  I hate DRM as much as the next guy, or more, but I stll want the artist to paid when I buy music. 

>> I hate DRM as much as the next guy, or more, but I stll want the artist to paid when I buy music. <<

Sure, you hve that right to pay as much for music as you like. However, if the laws in russia are complied with by this vendor, and we are not breaking any laws by buying from them, until the courts sort it all out, I have absolutely no moral compunction about doing so. Its an individual decision… I dont feel you are a fool by not taking advantage of this loophole if thats what it is, and, I dont expect you to preach that its wrong to me.

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