New fuze owner

hey all

i got a fuze for my birthday and i updated the firmware and it seemed to work fine. then i tried a phillips charger and it shut my fuze off for a bit and i got it working again and now i cant hear any sound out of my fuze. 

is it cuz i have low battery or what?

When you say Philips Charger… is it specifically for Sansa? I would connect your player to the computer, and let it charge up and then try it again. it was that one.

i just got this earlier today so its not like its broken

There is nothing there that SHOULD cause your problem. Let it charge up and see what happens. 

it shows its charged and playing.

uhh why cant this just work

It sounds overly simple but try pushing your headphone jack in a little harder… the Fuze has a tight jack and you may not be making a proper connection. Also do a soft reset by sliding the power switch up and holding it there for 15-20 seconds. 

Now I’ve seen everything.  The specifications show NO detail about the included charger.  I’ll assume that the cassette adaptor is the usable component in the kit.

I looked at the photographs, but the output of the charger looks like it an 800mA DC-DC selectable converter.  Does it have a USB socket for the output cable?  If so, be very sure that the voltage is set to 5 volts ONLY.

Operate the Fuze alone, with your headphones, to verify that the player is OK.

With the cassette adaptor, many of these devices are designed to operate in one “direction” optimally, so try using the “reverse side” function on your casette deck, or invert the adaptor.  If you have no audio, the deck’s head may not be aligned with the adaptor’s head.

Bob  :smiley:

Another so-simple-it’s-often-overlooked cause for “My player has no sound!” is that you may have accidentally paused the track. Look just below the track progress bar. Do you see a “>” or a " || "? The first means play, the second means pause. Click on the top part of the wheel to pause/unpause. This will also mute/unmute the radio.

is it possible that my headphone slot is broken?

@ctdan wrote:
is it possible that my headphone slot is broken?

possible yes, there has been chatter about certain batches of fuzes having issues with this.

also possible is that your headphone’s plug is just not pushed in far enough.

anything else?

maybe a bad firmware