new fuze+, no power

Fuze+ just arrived today, been charging for several hours. When plugged into computer, screen shows “connected” and a green battery with a lightening bolt on it. When unplugged, the device goes dead and does not respond when the power button is pressed. Do I need to return this, or am I missing something in the setup? Please note:  I REFUSE TO PAY ANY MORE FOR A DEVICE THAT DOES NOT WORK, and I am quite disgusted that the contact information given in the device manual sends me to a $38 chatroom.

The lighting bolt indicates that the unit is fully charged.  

I have purchased many of these.  The unit did not come with a manual.  I had to download the manual.  Go to  You can get a manual and firmware upgrades at the bottom of this page.

First try holding the power button down for 30 seconds and then again for 4 seconds.  The 30 seconds is a reset.  

If this does not  work send the unit back or get support from SanDisk.  I have not had to get support.  I am not sure how to get this support, but I am sure it is free.

If the unit is brand new, out of the box, it is possible that the battery itself may have an issue.

Normally , after you see the battery indicator showing a charge (all green), the device will go dark for about 5 seconds, then it should power up and light the display.  So, there should only be a few seconds where the device “plays possum”.

About the battery indicator :  the little lightning bolt has two possible meanings.  Literally, it means that charging is complete, or charging has been halted, more correctly. In normal operation, once charging is completed, it is halted by the device, and the lightning bolt is added to the battery icon.  But, we will see the same icon if the battery cannot be charged due to an internal fault with the battery.

The Sansa monitors the internal lithium polymer battery for safety.  If it cannot be charged, the device halts the charging operation.

Luckily, the device has a full one year (two in the EU) warranty.  In the US, contact Support at 1-866 SanDisk, and they can help you.

The Fuze+ is packaged with a microUSB cable, a pair of headphones, and a quick start guide.  The complete manual is available right here, as a free download, as well as firmware updates.  Both of these are also available via the Sansa Updater utility.  Of course, fellow Sansa users are right here on the forums…all free of charge, of course!

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: