new Fuze firmware, no more "creat playlist" ???

when i had the fuze firmware 01.17, it let me right click on a folder that was on the fuze, and i would see the

choice, creat playlist. i did that and renamed the pla file and moved it from the Music folder to my made

folder on the fuze. then i can just go to the playlist selection on main menu and see what the playlists

that i made. no stinkin win media player tool to use, just it myself. 

well, the new update broke that, they also took away the Radio Region choice, Japan. 

OK, i got lots of good info here.   :womanhappy:

i had the new 01.01.22 fuze firmware and the info on it said it was the 22P pacific ver. good i am in Japan.

but i could not get the Jpn RADIO choice.   :smiley:FIXED that, by reinstalling the old 01.01.15P pacific firmware.

(thanks for having the link on the board here, but maybe make it easier to find on the Fuze homepage?

i also could not just right click on a folder on the Fuze that was under the Music folder and RIGHT click and

see the choice,  “creat playlist”     :smileyvery-happy:FIXED that, by changing the USB MODE back to the way i had it, that is


when you have it on AUTO, you see more folders on the Fuze and you have a Playlist folder, and the above

fix words. it’s really nice to just move a folder to the Fuze, put it under the Fuze Music folder. then just

right click on that new folder and pick, creat playlist. then rename that folder that i made in the Music

folder, and move it to the Playlist Fuze folder. NICE, no Win Media or Winamp tool needed.

as i read on this very informativ board, yes, to delet stuff that was added in another USB MODE, you

have to get back to that mode to delet or formate, then make sure you put your Fuze back to

AUTO DETECT usb mode.