New firmware

I installed Aptek firmware on my player and tried to go back to normal but the certain won’t read the update hex. How can I get it to read the update? The buttons aren’t the same. I can’t put it in firmware update mode nor reset using the center button. Help!!!

Updating the gear like an MP3 player or camera is easy when you can connect it to your computer. Before applying an update, especially in the case of firmware, you need to make sure that the update is for your exact model of device. Applying an update intended for a similar-but-different model could result in your gear becoming non-operational. The old firmware gets overwritten (replaced) by new operating instructions that aren’t compatible with your model, which means your device won’t work anymore. That’s referred to as “bricking” your gear.
So, make sure you double check those model numbers before applying a firmware update.
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