New firmware update freezes during install

I’ve tried using the updater many times, and it freezes at about 10% install.  I tried to copy the bin file over to the root directory, but I can not drag it into the root directory (a little icon appears on the bottom of the file icon when I move it onto the fuze directory…it’s the symbol for ‘no’…a small red circle with a slash thru it).

Any suggestions?


Make sure your player is in MSC mode before you try to manually update the firmware.

Thanks…that worked (even used the updater)

Much appreciated :)


I am having this problem and would like to try the MSC mode, but I can’t get it to cancel out of the updater.  It says, “Warning, do not disconnect your device.”  What do I do?  Will it damage the player to disconnect?

ETA:  Oops, I am using a Sansa View, not Fuze.  Sorry!

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