New firmware and chapters won't stay in order

I’ve been trying all morning to get the latest 2.0 Firmware to install and it won’t.  I don’t know what else to do.

I love my clip for listening to podcast novels. Even tho I make sure they are in exact order when I move them to the sync list and create a playlist, they don’t show up in the playlist section, nor are they in order. Its a pain to have to stop and backup for the next chapter!  Can anyone help?


What version of the Firmware is currently installed on your clip?  Are you sure it isn’t a 1.0 version?

Are you using the correct firmware upgrade, for hardware revision 1.0 or 2.0?  See the sticky threads at the top of the forum, as to which you should be using–I suspect you want the firmware upgrade for hardware revision 1.0. 

V01.01.30A Is what it says is installed currently. I thought there was a new 2.0 one out now?

Any help on the chapters not staying in the right order?

You have the latest firmware–there is a firmware upgrade version 30 for each of 2 different hardware configurations, versions 1.0 and 2.0. 

As to the chapters, the Clip generally uses the ID3 tags for display purposes–are your ID3 tags filled in and correct?

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What are ID3 tags?  I’m using Windows Media Player and I can’t find anything that will let me rename. All I have showing is the name of the book and Chapter 1 Chapter 2 etc. and the length of the chapter.

Download this MP3TAG to help organize your MP3s.  This will let you edit the ID3 tags to whatever you want.

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ID3 tags are the metadata incorporated into your files that identify characteristics of the files:  title name, album, artist, genre, year, track number.  If your files don’t already have this information (such as, you are ripping the files yourself) or the information is incorrect, you need to add/amend the information, for the Clip (and many other players) to display the information and the files correctly (players often use this information to organize and display the files). 

As noted above, tag editors are available including on the Internet, many for free.  Windows also will let you edit tags (although less easily, file by file):  right click on the file, then Properties/Summary/Advanced.