New Device not showing up in My Computer - HELP

Just purchased the Express MP3 - plugged it in the USB - it’s charging but not showing up in My Computer. Help. I can’t use it now. Thanks

Please try to unplug the device, restart your PC and try again to see if that’ll help.  Otherwise, go google for this software called USBDeview and installed it on your computer, then search for your device and delete it and then plug in your device again to see if that will help as well.

I have the same problem. The device is charging, I cannot see it in “My Computer” I have tried the “find new hardware” wizard, and I have unplugged the device, restarted my computer many times, but the same thing happens.
I tried USBDeview, but the plugged in device does not show up there either.
Is there any other program I could use?
(Sorry for replying to such a old post)
Much thanks.