New Device Found Using 32GB µSDHC SanDisk Card

SDXC involves major revision of the data bus, I would think.  Definitely, a hardware change.  Expanding into the realm of much larger data storage is the way of the future.  I think back to the day when I was so happy to get a deal on a new Microscience platter drive (10MB, for about $1500).

Larger capacity means overall increased capability.  It also means the potential for complexities and bloatware, as Windows has experienced, as I think back to being happy with CP/M and then ZCPR3, at 4KB for the entire operating system.

Today, with that 4KB, I can hardly squeeze the album art into that space.  Times have changed.

Bob :smileyvery-happy:

I hear ya Bob … us old guys have all sorts of stories … you haven’t lived until you’ve submitted a COBOL program on a punched card deck to a guy in the computer room.  :wink:

Media will keep requiring more storage space, mostly for video formats (until people start carrying brain scan files around with them, I guess).  I’m not sure if audio requires much more room to grow.  Most people aren’t audiophiles who require lossless formats, and how many people aren’t satisfied with a personal music collection of, say, 5000 songs?  And of course, eventually most people will temporarily download or stream their music from “The Cloud,” anyway.