New Cruiser Contour

Had a Cruiser Micro … Crashed my computer continually. SanDisk suggested new Cruiser Contour. Heres the details. WHY again?

2.23.11 @ 8:55 pm

Using Macbook Pro … OS 10.6.6

Inserted new USB Drive. Had minor emergency … drive unattended for 1hr 50 mim.

Then took a single jpg image and dragged it to the drive. Other drives have Drag-n-Drop. functionality

“Preparing to copy” appeared w/ blue horizontal barber pole … after about 6 min assumed it was long enough … tapped the X.

Stopping … added to the little dialog box … After 10 min … tried cmmd…opt…esc … nothing happened. Computer locked up.

Tried to Force Quit Finder … Nothing

Closed all open apps one by one … Nothing.

Tried to force quit … nothing.

Finally held start button till screen went blank.

Told by SanDisk that this drive is fully compatible w/ Mac … yea!

it is compatible with mac for sure. I have 2 macbook pros and a macbook air and all sandisk flash drive work no problem. If you have had two drives with similar issues i would test the drives on a different computer to confirm they are working. if so the issue would seem to be with your computer not the flash drives.