New Computer - Won't Transfer Files

I could always just do drag and drop for my mp3 files from my old Windows 7 computer onto my Sansa Clip.  Just installed a new WIndows 7 computer, and when I try to transfer files to it they just hold up forever before finally coming back with a “Cannot copy xxx.mp3   The device has either stopped responding or has been disconnected” message. 

Device still says it’s connected, and it’s recognized by the computer.  What’s up?

Go to Settings/System Settings/USB and try MSC or MTP. Auto Detect might be acting up.  

Also try a different USB port and a different cord if you have one. 

If you still have your old computer, make sure it still works–or it might be the cord.

Does the new computer have different security settings? That could be making a difference. 

If you are using a desktop pc, are you using a real usb port? Some front USB ports don’t give enough power for the player. If you are using a notebook computer, plug in the computer to power first before attaching the player. 

Some notebooks go into low poer mode/USB1 mode when running on battery power to conserve power. Plug the player directly into the usb port, not through hubs or usb extension cables. Try using a different usb cable.

That should say rear USB port.