New Battery

I can’t find a replacement Battery in my Country Germany.
Can anybody help, please?
Trank you in advance!!

the battery is not replaceable. 

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Of course it is. I have already opened the device, all you need to do is to solder 3 thin cables to the device.

when a company says the battery is not replaceable it means opening the device will void warranty and they do not sell the batteries. sandisk’s own user manual states the battery is not replaceable. you may be able to solder a replacement battery to the board if you can find one and if you can there is no guarantee it will work.

If I recall correctly, I found 1 or 2 replacement batteries at, at a good pricing; eBay may have listings as well.  Of course, as noted above, you–the user–need to do the replacement work.

Replacement battery, via eBay.com

(Same item/seller also is listed at eBay.de

Unfortunately, not inexpensive.  As the seller notes, there are three solder points to contend with (and tiny little wires). 

And a 3-page thread, with pics, discussing what needs to  done.

And a 3-page thread, with pics, discussing what needs to be done.