New and completely lost

I received the SanDisk Clip Zip player today to play audio books.  I found a book on a legal free site in a mp3 format but it is  zipped – they all are.  I can drag and drop zipped file into the AudioBooks folder, but it doesn’t show up on the player.  When I try to move the unzipped chapters, I can’t do it.  The red circle with a line through it shows up.  How do I move books from my computer onto the device?  Thanks. 

You have to first ‘un-zip’ the zip (compressed) files. Then copy the ‘extracted’ files to the player. 7-Zip is a good free program to do this.

Delete the .zip folder from your player. Then use 7-Zip to extract the z.ip file on your computer. Then copy/paste or drag & drop the (now larger) extracted files to your player. :smiley:

Thank you very much!  I’m now enjoying the player. 

Sweet! :smiley:

What site are you using for free audiobooks?  Are these public domain books?