new 64gb card contence cant be seen by devices

so, had a 64gb card, it died suddenly.  sandisk replaced it.  the card can be seen by the computer and its been fromated to fat32.

when i try to use it in mp3players they cant see any contence.  oddly when i plug in said mp3 players to the computer they can see and read and write to the cards.  so they are detecting the card, they just cant see any data on it themselves.  ive tried thes on 5 devices and the same result with them all.

help, whats going on?

What is the OS of your computer?

If XP, then an exFAT-support patch is needed to be installed to support a 64GB storage device.

If Win7 or Win8, then the card itself should be faulty.

tried both 7 and 8.1